Tool boxes: types, how to choose

A good craftsman does not waste precious time searching for the right tools, fixtures, parts or fasteners. All this wealth is stored or transported in the appropriate tool boxes, where each item has its own place. If you belong to the category of such masters, it will be useful for you to know what kind of tool boxes there are, and which model is best suited to you.

Types of tool boxes

Tool boxes can be classified according to several parameters: by purpose, by design features, by material of manufacture.

The types of boxes depending on their purpose are as follows:

hand tool boxes;
power tool boxes;
tool boxes and small items;

Structurally, containers for storing and transporting tools are divided into:

traditional boxes;
Speaking about the difference between boxes depending on the material used, it can be noted that metal and plastic are most often used for the manufacture of the above tool storage, but in rare cases, you can also find wood, which can be made of trays or separate sections of the organizer.

Let’s consider each constructive variety separately.

Traditional mailbox

Usually it is a rectangular box made of a strong rigid material (metal or reinforced plastic). The frame is formed from the bottom and walls, and the hinged or removable cover is fixed with locks. There are models where the lid can act as a sliding section. The boxes are mainly intended for stationary storage of tools or for moving them over short distances. Despite the presence of handles, the boxes are not suitable for manual transport. But they have a large capacity and are well protected from the external environment.

It is made in the form of a small flat suitcase with folding halves and a handle on one of the ends. Thanks to this design, it is very convenient to carry the case in your hands, which is used by masters whose work is associated with frequent movements. The only disadvantage of this model is its small capacity, which does not allow using it for a large tool.

In most cases, it looks like a briefcase, although sometimes it may look like a nightstand with pull-out sections. It is distinguished by the presence of many internal compartments designed for storing small-sized parts (fasteners, replaceable drill heads, etc.). Partitions between compartments are usually made removable – this allows you to change the configuration of sections, adapting them to a particular tool or small accessories (end heads, bits, bolts, screws, etc.). The organizer can be useful not only for the master, but also for those who deal with small items (in particular, fishermen).

This is an open container, very similar to a box without a lid or a flat pallet with small depressions. Its main advantage is the ability to sort the tool in the right order, so that it is convenient to get to it. The tray is convenient to move from place to place (if you have a handle) for a short distance, but it is still more suitable for stationary storage.

Tool carts
It is a wheeled platform with a set of standard boxes in which you can place a large number of various tools. This rather bulky and heavy structure is advisable to use when the nature of the work requires a wide range of parts, accessories and accessories. It is assumed that such a “bookcase” will be delivered to the object by car, and not by public transport.

How to choose a tool box

Next, let’s look at the criteria to follow when choosing a tool container.

The size of the box
Box size-this parameter allows you to pre-evaluate the “weight category” and suitability of the product for a certain length of tool. The dimensions of the boxes are specified in inches, but the main size indicator is the length. Overall dimensions are usually specified in millimeters on three sides. To select the size of the mailbox, you must know in advance the size of the tools that are supposed to be stored in it and their total number. To estimate the size of the future box, you can collect all the tools and make the necessary measurements.

Number of branches
On the one hand, the more branches, the better: you can sort a lot of small things. On the other hand, a large number of compartments means their small size (with the same product size). When making a choice based on this indicator, you should take into account the type of container. Traditional boxes usually have up to 20 compartments, and in organizers they can be all 30 or even more.

The box sections are a movable block divided into several compartments. Their purpose is to make the container as compact as possible when folded, and when unfolded-to provide convenient access to its contents. Sections can be sliding (located at the top and recline in different directions) or sliding (pull out from the inside like kitchen drawers). The former are more often found in boxes of the traditional type, the latter – in carts and organizers.

Mailbox organizer
It is convenient when the box has a built-in organizer, as a rule, it is built into the lid of the box. This allows you to store smaller parts, accessories, and fasteners together with a large tool. In this case, the lid of the organizer box will contain a set of cells of different sizes. The number of organizer cells varies depending on the number of partitions installed. Keep in mind the inverse ratio between the number of cells and their volume.

Possibility to change the size of branches
Changing the size of compartments is not provided in all types of containers, but this function is most often found in organizers and cases. By rearranging the partitions, you can change the size and even the configuration of the compartment, which will allow you to make the desired size of each cell for existing tools.

Removable tray
Having a removable tray eliminates the need to dig inside the box in search of the right thing. You can place the most frequently used tool in the tray and use it quickly while working.

Heated handle
The heated handle is relevant in boxes and carts – this function allows you to reduce the size of the container, which is very convenient for storage and transportation. This box is convenient because you can place another box on top, for example, with a power tool. In cases, the handle is a design element and is rigidly fixed to the case.

Wheels for transportation are intended primarily for carts, but they can also be equipped with a large box. The presence of wheels indicates that in front of us-a roomy container designed to move heavy overall cargo. There can be one or two pairs of wheels. In the first case, it is assumed that the transport is inclined, in the second – horizontal.

Using a mailbox in a modular system
The point of the modular system is that it allows you to put several containers on top of each other, connecting them with special locks, and thus turn them into one common storage. This feature is not available in all the drawers, most often it is found in drawers and boxes-carts. If you need to constantly store and transport a large number of tools, it is rational to purchase boxes that can be combined into a common system.

Material of locks

The material for making box locks is a choice between plastic and metal. The first is cheaper, but less durable. However, this does not affect the overall price of the container much, and high-quality plastic, although a durable material, is inferior to its metal counterpart.

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