How to organize the storage of children’s toys correctly?

Perhaps a child could do with a couple of cars and one Teddy bear. But in fact, there are a lot of toys-they are given by relatives and parents are happy to buy, so very soon the children’s room risks being lost under the rubble of designers, hares and robots.

Without systematization and proper storage of all this wealth, neither LEGO fans, nor fans of fashionable dolls, nor fans of soft plush can do. It is good that you can buy a ready-made wardrobe or make something original yourself — the children’s room is “open” for any creativity and without compromising the interior experiences any joint creativity of parents and children.

In order for cubes, pyramids, cars not to “spread” throughout the apartment, parents will have to make a lot of effort. But first we focus on age:

• A child at the age of 1 year will be given all the toys by their mother. If the game space is organized, then all of it is placed within the arena or developing Mat. One box will be enough, which is easy for parents to navigate.

• From 2 to 5 years of age, there may be a lot of toys, but all of them should not be left in the child’s access. Children of this age quickly lose interest in the game, and will only get and consider, and will have to clean up the mother. Therefore, you can go for a trick — divide all the treasures into two or three parts, and leave only one of them in the nursery, and remove the rest to the upper shelves of the Cabinet. After a month, the boxes can be changed, and the child will be happy with the” new ” toys and will really play with all the things that he was given/bought.

• From 5 to 10 years, the number of varieties of toys increases — it will not just cars, but a race track and Parking, not just dolls, but a whole game house. All mosaics, creative kits, and plush toys must be carefully sorted.

• After 10 years, only complex “adult” toys remain. Most likely, the child will already keep order in his room, and the method of storage must be agreed with him.

As for the device of a modern storage system, this is what they do here. First, all the available “treasures” are sorted out and reviewed — broken and not subject to repair should be thrown away, not appropriate for age-to give or sell.

Toys should also be sorted by “activities” – constructors, utensils, soft, cars, educational, robots, and so on. As a result, you will have several large heaps, and you will already be able to navigate through them, which storage system is required.

Important. When choosing a storage system, give preference to a completely safe design that the baby can handle himself, without the help of parents. When buying baskets and boxes, do not forget to take into account the size of toys, as well as their number, taking into account the potential “replenishment”.

For small items — small boxes, and for large — volume. It is good if all storage containers can be labeled.

You can store children’s toys in a separate closet, in drawers under the bed, in wicker boxes or Shoe boxes. In this regard, separate boxes are even better for a child’s room than a wardrobe — because the space in the room is limited.

But you can choose any non-standard idea, just do not forget that it should be convenient for the child in the first place.

You can choose one of the following storage methods for a child’s room:

Drawers under the bed-convenient, compact, economical. Choose the” right ” bed and place any toys in the boxes. As a rule, these boxes are quite bulky, so that the internal space can be divided by partitions.

Loft bed is a multifunctional Cabinet furniture that combines a bed, a table, a wardrobe and racks/shelves. For storing toys, you can use a Cabinet or ladder, if it is a step module with lids or in the form of drawers.

A table with an add-on in the form of shelves is the optimal solution for preschoolers. Their Desk will be surrounded by open shelves, where you can alternate baskets with a constructor, soft toys and books.

A chest is a great choice for a room where a fearsome pirate or a beautiful Princess lives. This solution looks incredibly colorful and fits perfectly into the thematic interior.

Soft Ottoman, which reclines the upper part. Roomy this design can not be called, but a few soft toys will settle inside the Ottoman without problems.

Wooden boxes-along the walls or under the table. They can be purchased or made by yourself, only it is necessary to sand and paint, so that the baby does not splinter his hand.

And it would be nice to add such boxes with reliable wheels — then they will be able to accompany the child throughout the playing area.

Multifunctional wardrobe. Choose a neural facade design, and an ergonomic wardrobe will accompany your child to high school. Here you can provide practical storage systems not only for toys, but also for clothes and shoes. Just do not forget-the upper shelves are “staffed” by parents, and the lower ones are given completely to the child — so the baby will quickly learn to restore order in his toy Kingdom. It is good that the wardrobe will have a lot of shelves and drawers, so there is a place for all the toys.

Open shelving. For them, you should provide baskets, boxes or plastic containers, and not hope that the designer mixed with cubes will get along well on open shelves.

The Council. Use Shoe boxes, clear plastic containers, or baskets with wicker handles. Just do not forget that they need to be marked with an inscription or picture. It is also a good idea if the boxes are of different colors — this will refresh the interior very much.

Baskets on the Cabinet. The best option is if your child has a low wardrobe or chest of drawers. Do not forget that these containers can become one of the most important interior decorations, and you can decorate them together with your child (applications, screen painting, three-dimensional figures made of cardboard).

Pockets on the wall are made of polyethylene or fabric. Of course, for all toys without exception, this method of storage is not suitable, but it will perfectly fit into a corner for creativity. It is easy to put scissors, markers, paints, and even dolls and cars here.

Racks with steps created specifically for kids. In them, the lower shelves are pushed forward, which will allow the child to reach the top. But do not forget that all these cells and shelves must be securely attached to the wall.

Baskets or boxes attached directly to the wall. They can be plastic or metal, with thin bars or in the form of a grid. They are placed in accordance with the growth of the child and used for any not too small game elements.

The chest of drawers is a practical solution for older children who do not overturn the drawers and do not put their fingers in the closing segment. But choose sustainable furniture, and best of all from chipboard or wood, but not from plastic.

A child’s plastic chest of drawers for toys

Fabric baskets — both floor and suspended. It is considered a good additional solution for those who have somewhere to remove rarely used toys. But such devices can not be called too strong, although they are made of wear-resistant fabric.

“Honeycomb” from boxes or plastic buckets. You will be able to assemble the optimal storage system for you, paint it in the desired color, or install it on the floor or on the wall. But keep in mind that such a design is often cumbersome, and it will definitely need to find its place.

To store soft toys, you will need a high Cabinet with pipes – “aviary”. This is a high pencil case, in which instead of doors — fixed vertically metal pipes. All plush treasures are literally “pushed” here. This way they remain visible, available for games, but do not take up space in the crib, closet or on the floor.

If you have most cars with a metal bottom, then you can attach a railing with a magnetic stripe to the wall for storing them.

And do not forget that there is no universal solution — it is better if you use the storage systems that are suitable for you in the complex, combining the most popular “inventions” and standard furniture items.

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