How to store cosmetics correctly?

Even if beauty products are not very much, they are often stored in a cosmetic bag in a complete mess. As a result, a lot of time is spent searching for the right tubes and brushes, and the funds themselves quickly become unusable. To make the process of creating makeup more convenient, everything should find its place.

How carefully you handle cosmetics depends entirely on its safety. If you are not used to folding everything neatly, leave the jars and cases in random places that are not intended for storing beauty products at all, there is a chance that they will lose their properties and deteriorate faster than the expiration date promises.

Cosmetics should be kept in the dark (at least, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight and light located near incandescent lamps) and dry; it is important to make sure that it is not exposed to temperature changes. You can put everything in a convenient cosmetic bag and store it on the dressing table.

However, not everyone manages to keep it in order. Especially if the funds are a whole collection. Therefore, it makes sense to think about a shelf, a box or a special organizer in which everything will be laid out according to a certain principle — it is easier to find what you need and keep track of the expiration date.

Having a separate table with a large mirror, boxes for cosmetics and other small things is what many girls dream of. However, not everyone can afford to add them to their interior. This means that you have to look for other storage places for cosmetics.

A modest supply of beauty products can fit in a cosmetic bag, but this is not a universal solution. Those who have caring creams for different occasions, a large variety of palettes, lipsticks and pencils, this option will not work.

Pay attention to professional cases-there are many compartments and pockets inside, which are convenient to place a variety of tools in the format. In addition, they are closed, which guarantees the storage of cosmetics in a dark place — according to all the rules.

You can not hide cosmetics inside such boxes, but choose transparent containers with shelves and compartments for packages of different sizes and shapes.

If you have a free shelf or drawer that can be completely allocated for beauty products, you can put small boxes there, filling each of them with products sorted by type.

The bathroom Cabinet seems like a convenient place to store cosmetics. However, you can only leave there means for washing and removing makeup-this is micellar water, gels and foams.

Perhaps only they can withstand constant changes in temperature and humidity; other tools can simply deteriorate.

In addition, as a rule, there is no need. But you can leave in the refrigerator, for example, creams for the area around the eyes, so that they tone the skin and better remove morning puffiness.

But oil products should not be stored in the cold, on the contrary — because their texture may change under the influence of low temperatures, and not for the better.

As for decorative cosmetics, it does not belong in the refrigerator at all. It is believed that the cold can extend the shelf life of beauty products, but this is more likely to apply to care products-primarily with an organic composition.

Products with a dry texture-powder, blush, highlighter, eye shadow-are unpretentious and “live” the longest, because, unlike creams and gels, they do not represent a favorable environment for the reproduction of bacteria. The main thing is not to allow them to be in the zone of high humidity. Otherwise, they may become stratified, making it difficult to apply them. Other properties of these products may also be affected.

Cream products-primers, Foundation, concealers, concealers, and other cosmetics of this kind-are more sensitive to temperature changes and light effects. They just need to provide a place for storage, so that there are no directed rays of light, no moisture, no hot air. Their effect will be more disastrous than in the case of dry products — cream can deteriorate very quickly.

As for liquid products (for example, nail polishes), the same rules apply to them. However, if we talk about varnishes, then the handling of the bottle also plays a significant role. If you close the lid loosely and leave traces of varnish on the “neck” (it is better to wash them with acetone after each use), there is a risk that the product will quickly thicken and become unusable.

It is important not only to choose a place where to store cosmetics. You should also know something about the terms of its storage. The shelf life is often not equal to the allowable period of use of beauty products. To find out how long they can last after opening the package, look for the icon with the image of the jar with the lid open. On the jar, the term is usually specified — in the format of 12M, 18M, and so on.

1 Brush
It is believed that they should ideally not touch each other. Buy a pencil case for storing them with elastic bands designed to hold pencils and pens. Another option is to select a jar for the brushes and fill it with coffee beans, for example, to fix the handles of the brushes in them.

If you have already sorted out the organization and storage of cosmetics and put the contents of your cosmetic bag in boxes and jars, put them on a special rubber Mat. Thanks to this it will be easier to clean the box with makeup, if something will fall apart or will spread.

3 Improvised items
Another useful lifehack: do not hesitate to use for storing cosmetics, even that, it would seem, is not intended for this purpose at all. In ice molds, for example, it is quite possible to spread out small packages of Monotones.

And on the stand for wine bottles, you can place high bottles of hair products.

Do not throw away paper and plastic gaskets that cover the” neck ” of jars of cosmetics — they prevent the penetration of air and moisture. Thanks to them, cosmetics will remain usable for longer.

Apply cream products not with your fingers, leaving bacteria and sebum particles inside the jar, but with special spatulas.
Tighten the lids of tubes, jars,and vials.

Give preference to cool places for storing cosmetics. And those funds that, according to the rules, can be stored in the refrigerator, leave there.

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