There are always a lot of them. Even if the child doesn’t go to school yet. And if he goes, but if there are several children, and even if the artist! Very quickly, the house turns into a warehouse of pencils, paints, paper clips, brushes, buttons, notebooks, cute notebooks, erasers of all configurations… To somehow rein in the multiplying hordes of crayons and stickers, we have collected for you a few ideas on how to store them beautifully and organized. And always find it when you need it!


If the family has simple skills of working with wood, you can put together boxes with compartments for everything. Or use a ready-made drawer, for example, from an old table. These boxes are heavy, it is not easy to move them, so it is better to think of a place to place them in advance: a window sill or a reliable shelf. And if you make holes for the handles of the box, it will be convenient to carry it with you to any place. It is convenient to put suitable-sized containers or jars in the compartments, in which stationery and artistic small items are sorted: crayons, pencils, pens, rulers, scissors … Insert containers are optional, but they allow you to quickly pull out, shake out and swap your contents.

An easier way is to make an organizer out of cardboard boxes and tubes. Plan its size based on how much wealth you have to place in it.

Glass, tin cans, sections of PVC pipes are also good as a prefabricated organizer. You can glue them to a spinning Board, this is convenient, and children like to twist the jars. But the non-rotating organizer of cans is also quite practical. Here are a few options.


We have already mentioned bookshelves or racks on wheels as school stations in the material about the Idea of organizing a student’s place in a small apartment. Here are a few more examples of what it might look like, loaded with office supplies, papers, and other school trivia. If the bookcase is metal, you can also attach containers with magnets to it.


Desktop and floor organizer boxes are great for storing scissors, glue, pencils, covers, etc. Sign each box that it contains, and if the child does not violate the established order, it is always easy to find the right eraser or ruler.


The organizer for the bathroom or for shoes also easily adapts to the storage of office and small items. We advise you to sign the compartments that are stored in them, so that it is easier for the child to maintain order.


Traditionally, school supplies are stored in children’s Desk drawers. But even there, it is sometimes difficult to maintain order. There is a little trick that will definitely help: fill the space of the box with small containers or homemade boxes. And in them, already lay out pencils, erasers, buttons… Here are some examples of how such a box might look inside.

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