How to store home decorations

On the one hand, you need to organize the storage of your treasures so that these same treasures serve you for a long time and look like new ones.

On the other hand, the space should be convenient, so that you can easily quickly find the right thing among many others.

What happens with us usually? Boxes, boxes, and overflowing organizers where everything was mixed up and confused the next day after cleaning. The nodes on the chains and the endless search for the second earring

The same thing happens with jewelry that doesn’t have its place as with clothes in cluttered closets.

We don’t see them, so we don’t wear them, and we don’t think we have such a thing. We buy more and more, and they are again lost in the depths of bottomless boxes. There, among their own kind, they lose their attractive appearance, especially for costume jewelry.

It could have been different. You wear things that you like and fit. You think for a moment what I would like to wear today, open the Treasury and immediately see the same bracelets and pendant. Quickly decorate and go-conquer the world!

How to store jewelry correctly

First, let’s figure out how to store jewelry so that they serve you as long as possible.

Without moisture and light
Both jewelry and costume jewelry do not like direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity. Consider this when choosing a place to store them.

By the way, if your jewelry is sliding off the spray in record time, make sure that you do not wash your hands in it, the coating of even the highest quality jewelry does not like contact with water. And also with lotions and hand creams. This applies not only to rings, but also to bracelets and chains

Individual packing
If your accessories are really expensive, you should not put them all together in one box. Ideally, each piece of jewelry should be stored separately from the others, not in contact with hard surfaces. The metal is tarnished by friction, and the stones are scratched.

Cardboard boxes are also not the best option, cardboard contains sulfur, which can react with precious metal.

It is better if the jewelry is separated from each other by a solid partition, which is covered with something soft on the inside: leather, cotton, or velour.

Extra contacts
Cosmetics and household chemicals are the enemies of our jewelry. That’s why you need to take them off as soon as you come home. In addition, make sure that the jewelry does not hang, for example, on the mirror that you wash with a special tool.

How to organize a place to store jewelry

With the General rules sorted out, now we know that everything in a pile is not only not convenient, but also risky. What are the options for proper storage?


Most often, jewelry is stored in boxes or organizers. But very many of those that are sold in the store, categorically do not perform their function. Bulky, outdated, and not at all roomy.

Therefore, before you buy such a box, count your jewelry and the number of compartments inside. Less than or just? Find another one! Believe me, your efforts will be rewarded with preserved nerve cells.

So, if the organizer, then: many, many individual cells, without complex locks-keys-buttons, instant access to any compartment. Looking for the perfect one and don’t settle for less!

Boxes with separators

I’m a fan of closed storage. First, things, including jewelry, are less dusty, and, secondly, it is much easier to maintain order. If you also prefer doors to open shelves, it’s time to provide a place for jewelry in your dresser.

For drawers, it is convenient to use trays with dividers, excellent felt options can be found in stores.

They also sell small chests of drawers, which are perfect for storing various women’s things.

There is no dresser? Don’t worry! Such a box can be made in a wardrobe with clothes or in a dressing room. It is very convenient to dress up and decorate at the same time! 😉

On the Cabinet door

If there is no space for a whole drawer, or there is nothing to put there yet, you can use the Cabinet door.

If you buy special holders in the store, make them yourself, or buy an organizer with transparent pockets-do as you like. Just make sure that the jewelry does not come into contact with the clothes hanging in the closet. Such a neighborhood can harm both the fabric and costume jewelry.


For those who do not yet have a large guard, if not less convenient option. Wall or floor mirror-Cabinet. More or less – at your discretion. The main thing is that everything is hidden from prying eyes and does not take up space at all.

Open way

It is not necessary to hide such beauty behind the doors. Keep jewelry open will appeal to those who do not like a lot of jewelry and prefer to see their wealth all at once.

It offers a variety of holders, hooks, holders.

Top 5 Jewelry Organizers

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