Organization of the corridor: how to store keys in the house?

The key is the very first object that we use to open the door to our home. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the organization of storing your keys.

To start, perform an audit of your existing keys:

throwing out old keys that don’t fit the locks,

throwing away old key rings,

we get rid of housekeepers who have lost their presentable appearance.

How to get rid of the habit of losing keys?

Paradoxically, the most popular place where people lose their keys is their own home. If you can’t find the keys at the wrong time and can’t remember exactly where they were put , you can solve this problem by taking 2 important steps:

STEP # 1. arrange key storage in a convenient place for you. Here the key word is “convenient place”, think of a suitable key storage system for you (for someone, it is convenient to store it in a wall-mounted locker, and for someone – in the bag compartment).

Please note that the most popular key storage options are inconvenient:

1. Storage in the pocket of outerwear-usually leads to the loss of keys (a hole may appear in the pockets or they may fall out).

2. Storage on a shelf in the corridor – from the shelves, items and keys, including, can fall and get lost.

STEP # 2. Within 21 days (this is how long it takes to acquire a habit, according to psychologists), hang or put the keys where you have determined where to store them. Over time, this will become a useful habit for you.

You can find key storage options in this table:

When you have reviewed the keys and decided where the keys will be stored in your home, write down in your notebook what you need to buy/do (if necessary):

make duplicate keys for the whole family,

buy a new keychain,

buy a new housekeeper,

organize a key storage system.

Whichever key storage option you choose, keep in mind:

1. Convenience. A place to store keys, you need to choose the most convenient for you and your loved ones, because it will be used regularly and for a long time.

2. Aesthetics. Choose nice and high-quality accessories for storing keys, because it is always more pleasant to use beautiful things.

3. Strength and reliability. Do not skimp on quality accessories for storing keys, they must be strong enough to withstand repeated use. If they break down quickly, it will be difficult to use them – and therefore, maintain order, and most importantly – not to lose the keys.

4. Easy to use. It is important that key storage accessories are easy to use (for example, make sure that the locks in wall-mounted key holders are secure and convenient, or that the key hooks are convenient so that they do not fall off, etc.).

5. Size. Think about how many keys and what size you will use, and in accordance with this, choose a suitable accessory for storing keys in the corridor.

To distinguish keys from each other and not get confused, I offer you some simple and original ideas:

you can paint them with colored nail Polish;

use various useful keychains, for example, keychains with a key storage system.

there are special key rings that can be marked;

you can buy special silicone key cases.

Top 5 Key organizers

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