Where to store dirty Laundry

It is clear that it is not in sight. Yes, and especially long to store it is not necessary, collected a batch of linen and washed – the main rule of a neat house.

Any housewife wants the process of preparing for washing to be inconspicuous in the interior of the apartment and ordered.

Many people store dirty Laundry in the washing machine. A bad option, it can fade there, or even deteriorate. At the same time, worn items accumulate.

In the bathroom
The most common option for storing dirty Laundry. Most often, as a container for the next batch of Laundry is a basin, a plastic bag, or at best a container under the sink.

If the area of the bathroom allows you to equip special drawers in the furniture or under the bath.

So you can collect and store dirty Laundry before washing, if the bathroom has good ventilation and the room is dry. Otherwise, the underwear may suffocate, become moldy and deteriorate.

On the loggia
Why not? If you have a loggia or balcony insulated, there is no debris of old things and spacious, you can equip a temporary storage point for dirty Laundry, disguising it. For this purpose, wicker boxes, baskets, plastic chests of drawers and even a chair are suitable.

In a quiet corner
Find a secret place to store dirty Laundry, even in a tiny apartment. For example, a collapsible or stationary basket-container can fit in the corner of the room.

To collect small items (socks, underwear, t-shirts), a capacity of up to 10 liters is sufficient. For bed linen, you need more storage, especially if several sets are being prepared for washing. Here you need a basket of 30 liters.

It is inconvenient to keep such a bulky interior item constantly, so it is better to use a removable, for example, folding container or a large bag made of fabric for bed linen.

For small items, the container for dirty Laundry can be stationary, having a nice decor that suits the overall interior of the apartment.

The main requirements for a container for collecting and storing dirty Laundry:
Baskets, containers, bags, bags, boxes should be easy to wash and wash,
All containers used for storing Laundry should be light and well-ventilated.
Nice decor, it’s still part of the interior.

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