A lot of things are transported in the car’s Luggage compartment. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to find the right item. Therefore, an organizer bag in the trunk is a necessary thing.

The purpose of the organizers

Organizer – a special box of various shapes and sizes designed for storing things. Some models are equipped with pockets, sections and departments, which are convenient to place both small and large items.
Thanks to the fact that everything will be in its place, you will no longer need to spend time searching for the right item.

Bag organizer in the trunk of the car will allow you to organize space, prevents free movement and turning things over.

If you often travel with children, you just need a child organizer in the car. As a rule, it is hung on the back of the front seat.

Keep in mind that the more pockets there are, the more items you can place (toys, books, a water bottle).

In addition, the organizer in the car for the child can be put in the Luggage compartment. Children’s things, toys, sports equipment are put here.

What they are: types

There are three types of containers in a car:

Bag in the trunk – it can be a protective net, elastic partition, container.
In the cabin – they are placed on the front or rear seats, the floor, in the side compartments.
External-attached to the outside of the car.

Organizer in the trunk of a car can be:

hard – made of durable plastic or polycarbonate. Designed for transporting fragile items or hunting equipment. The container is produced with many compartments, can be either with a lid or without it;
soft-made in the form of a bag with compartments that are separated by special partitions. Made of water repellent or ordinary dense fabric;
semi-rigid-differs from rigid in that only the partitions and the back wall are made of a strong material (rarely). As a rule, these bags are foldable. Many motorists prefer this container, because it takes up little space when folded.
In addition, there are also anatomical organizers. They are made only for a specific manufacturer and completely repeat the shape of the Luggage compartment.

The most popular containers are made of a soft frame.

How to choose an organizer in the trunk of a car

Before you run to the store to buy, you need to decide what kind of organizer in the trunk you need. If you plan to transport fragile items or sports equipment, you should choose a container with special fasteners.

If you only need to store small items, it is better to choose a multifunctional bag with a large number of compartments. The design of the box must fully meet all your requirements.

You should pay attention to the material from which the container is made. Some models have transparent Windows and a shoulder strap (for hand-carrying).

A useful addition could be termotecnia for transportation of products. This is especially true in the hot season, when food quickly spoils.

Autoprofi travel bag in the trunk

Made of soft material in gray and black colors. Due to the presence of Velcro on the back wall, the bag will be securely fixed in the Luggage compartment. The lid is also attached with Velcro, so you don’t have to worry about things falling out.

3D folding box

Made of tough fabric. Outside there are Velcro straps that securely attach the bag to the trunk. Inside there are side compartments made of mesh. In order for items to be securely fixed, the bag has straps with a buckle.

Universal organizers
Some manufacturers offer consumers to install an organizer in the Luggage compartment, which is designed for a specific brand of car. It is made of a solid or water-repellent material, has a shape similar to the lower space of the trunk.

They have their advantages:

ability to transport large-size cargo;
have a fleecy surface, the same as in the trunk;
many sections and additional pockets for transporting small items;
special sections for items such as fire extinguisher, tow rope, detergents;
take up little space;
a secure attachment prevents the container from sliding in the Luggage compartment.

How to use and attach the organizer correctly

To avoid problems during operation, you must adhere to certain rules:

accessories in the trunk of the car lay out in compartments, do not throw them in one pile;
use all the pockets strictly for their intended purpose;
put unnecessary things out of the container in time.
The bag is attached to the trunk of the car with Velcro on the bottom of the trunk or to special vertical racks.

The price of staples

The cost depends on several factors:

bag size, number of compartments;
material (fabric, plastic, polycarbonate).

How to make an organizer in the trunk with your own hands

A container for things is not necessary to buy, if you apply imagination and improvised materials, you can make an organizer in the trunk of a car with your own hands. The following materials are required for its production:

sheet of chipboard;
1 m of covering fabric (carpet, leatherette);
tapping screw;
construction stapler;
Before making a container, you should think carefully about how many compartments you will need, what size of the box should be, and where it will stand. After you decide on all the nuances, you must:

Make accurate measurements of all sides of the box (especially if it will stand under the side wall of the trunk).
Cut all parts out of plywood.

Twist them with screws. If you need several compartments, don’t forget to secure the walls.

Cover the container with a prepared cloth using a construction stapler.
Attach the lid on top.

To keep the box firmly held, Velcro is glued to its bottom.
If the container will stand on the side, it is not necessary to attach it. The cost of such a mailbox will be much less than the store’s equivalent.

A bag in the trunk of a car is designed to store a variety of things that are necessary on the road. It will become indispensable when traveling long distances. With its help, the space in the Luggage compartment will increase, things will not be scattered throughout the car, which creates order in any, even the smallest car.

Top 5 trunk organizers

FORTEM Car Trunk Organizer, Foldable Cover, Waterproof Non Slip Bottom, Straps, Cargo Storage (2 Compartments, Grey)

Tuff Viking Convertible Large Trunk Organizer with Built-in Insulated Leakproof Cooler Bag – 3 Compartments (4-in-1, Black)

Drive Auto Products Car Cargo Trunk Organizer, Folding Compartments Are Easily Expandable To Suit Any In-vehicle Organization Needs, Secure Tie-down Strap System, Made Of Durable Oxford Fabric (Black)

Brightt Car Trunk Organizer Seat and Storage – Food and Drinks Cooler to Keep your Chiller Foods Fresh – Lots of Pockets and Compartments to Save Space, Collapsible, Wear-Resistant and Waterproof

Miolle Medium Collapsible Car Trunk Organizer with Non Skid Botto

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