There are never too many shoes. Sneakers and dress shoes, fashionable boots with high heels and rubber for wet weather, slates and sandals… you can List endlessly – but all this wealth must be stored somewhere. The Shoe organizer will allow you to plan your space correctly and make your apartment more comfortable.

How does a Shoe organizer work?

Under the fashionable name “organizer” hides a simple and ergonomic device for storing shoes. These types of devices are boxes, shelves and hanging devices placed on the wall or on the floor in the hallway, hidden under the bed, inside the sofa, wardrobe – that is, where there is unused space.

You can buy the organizer in a store or make it yourself. By design these household items are divided into two types:

floor-box with cells, which is installed on a flat surface;
suspended — hung in the hallway, storage room or linen closet.
Organizers made of fabric are primarily intended for storing light and soft shoes: ballerinas, flip-flops, sneakers, sneakers, moccasins, and sandals.

Expensive leather shoes and boots are better placed in a box with rigid dividers. So that the skin does not jam, such shoes should not be stacked very closely or stored on the side.

Basically, all cells in industrial cases have the same dimensions and are designed for shoes of approximately the same size. For storing winter boots, devices with large cells are suitable, and sandals and Slippers can be stored more compactly, in trunks with small pockets or compartments.

Pros and cons of storing shoes in the organizer

Shoe organizer is a necessary and useful device that helps to use every piece of free space economically. With this device, you will not have to spend hours digging through a pile of shoes in search of the right pair, as everything will be neatly folded in a certain place.

Storing shoes in organizers has several advantages:

Saves the space of the apartment. The fabric trunk, designed to store 12 pairs of shoes, occupies a small Addition, the trunks have rigid ribs, and they can be placed on top of each other, saving vertical space. When storage is no longer necessary, the fabric organizer can be folded and put away in the closet.
Allows you to quickly find the right pair. Many models are equipped with soft transparent covers with a zipper. Thanks to this device, you do not have to guess where these or other shoes are, since the contents of the trunk are clearly visible through the Lid. Shoes of the same type are stored in the same place.

Careful storage. The closed-type construction made of breathable materials protects the shoes from dust settling and moisture penetration. The main thing is to wash and dry your shoes before putting them in the organizer, and you can not remember about them until the new season.
These products also have their own disadvantages:

Not suitable for all types of shoes. Boots with high tops are better stored in a different way – in a long box or on the weight.
Fabric trunks, although they have stiff edges, still remain soft and pliable. Putting several organizers, filled to capacity, on top of each other, you can see how the bottom will bend and bend, and the shoes will get together in a heap.
Everyone judges the usefulness of such an acquisition in their own way. If a person lives alone and makes do with two or three pairs of shoes, of course, he simply does not need an organizer. For a family of several people, this accessory is necessary, as it will help to optimize the space and keep things in order.

How to make a hanging organizer?

Those who know how to sew at least a little can make a hanging organizer for shoes with their own hands. An exclusive product will refresh the interior and at the same time optimize the space. Externally, this accessory resembles a wall Mat with numerous pockets, which will accommodate Slippers, slates, ballet flats and other soft shoes.

To make a hanging organizer that can be hung from the back of the door in the hallway or pantry, you need to prepare the following materials:

A piece of thick canvas fabric for the base of the product. The size of the flap is selected in accordance with the desired size of the product and add 3 cm on each side of the bend.

Cut of any elastic material. It can be knitwear, polyester, elastane — the main thing is that the fabric stretches.
Machine, scissors, thread, chalk — everything you need for sewing. If there is no sewing machine, you can do the work manually, but it will take much longer.
The process of manufacturing a suspended organizer consists of several stages:

The canvas fabric that forms the basis of the product is bent from all sides and rolled on a typewriter. This is necessary so that the product does not become disheveled during operation.
Rectangular pockets are cut out of the knitted fabric. The size of the part must match the width and length of the product to be stored. If we are talking about Slippers, the optimal width of the pocket will be 12-15 cm. to keep the shoes firmly and not fall out, the height of the pocket should be at least 2/3 of the length of the slipper – this is about 20-25 cm. Thus, the size of the finished pocket is 15×20 cm.
How to place the pockets on the canvas is the manufacturer’s business. It is possible in a row or diagonally, it is not necessary to adhere to strict rules.
Before you attach the pocket to the canvas, it must be processed so that the material does not crumble. To do this, the edges of the part are trimmed on a typewriter or processed using an overlock.
Three sides of the pocket are attached to the base of the product according to the pre-applied marking.
From a thick braid or remnants of material construct a loop.
The original device for storing soft and light shoes is ready. It remains only to hang the structure in a convenient place and use it for its intended purpose.

An organizer made with your own hands can not only serve for personal use, but also become a great gift, which is sure to please fashionistas who have more than a dozen pairs of shoes in their wardrobe.

Top 5 Shoe organizers

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MaidMAX 10 Tiers Free Standing Shoe Rack for 50 Pairs of Shoes Organizer in Closet Entryway Hallway, Metal Frame and Fabric Shelves, 39.4 x 11.4 x 68.9”, Black

ClosetMaid 8929 Stackable 15-Unit Organizer, Espresso

NEATLY Shoe Organizer – Stackable Shoe Racks for closets and entryway Shoe Storage cabinet – 12 COLLAPSIBLE Cube Storage bins for mens shoes, women shoes sneakers – Clear plastic shoe boxes with lids

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