Organize the storage of wires

Everyone has a lot of wires, cords, chargers from gadgets (phones, iPods, cameras, navigators, etc.). and often this category of things in comparison with such as clothing, shoes, accessories, is in complete disarray. In this article, we will continue the topic and analyze several ways to store and organize wires, cords, and chargers.


Boxes, whether they are cardboard or plastic – this is a great place to store anything. And if you think carefully about their internal space, it will be a good idea to organize all the wires, cords and chargers in the house. Here are a couple of ideas on how to do this:

If you divide a simple box into compartments using cardboard, sign each cell and attach wires there, then you and your household will not be difficult to find the right one. You can even select a separate box for some gadgets, giving one of them a name – “computer Accessories”. The main thing after use, send the cord back to your cell. No time to do handmade? Our Laundry organizers with a lot of small cells will also cope perfectly with storing wires.

A budget – friendly and eco-friendly option is to make a “house”for each wire in toilet paper tubes or cardboard sleeves. And to make them look nice, decorate with decorative tape or paper cover. A second life will be given to the cups. Any kind of plastic will do. Simple, convenient and budget-friendly.

The box can also be used as storage for phone chargers. Make small holes in the side walls. On the one hand, there will be plugs that you can plug into a tee or socket, and on the other – a plug. This box can become a decorative element.

But an important note – this is not completely safe. Special boxes can serve as an alternative. So, all gadgets that require additional network connection will not create chaos. First of all, this applies to long cables that endlessly curl and hang from the desktop and create an untidy appearance.


The organizers do not take up much space and allow you to save some timid little things, such as earphones and a cable for charging in safe and sound.

For needlewomen-a couple of ideas how to sew the most pockets and pencil cases for wires and chargers.

There are many options for hanging organizers on the market. In the pockets you can store everything you want, up to the remote control from the TV.

An indispensable accessory-road organizers. They can be used both when traveling and for storing wires at home.

A budget option is to put infrequently used cords in a cosmetic bag. Since the house rarely uses various wires, they are stored with a store wire.


For those who are too lazy to put the wires in organizers, get them out, and then put them back in place, there is a way out-try hanging them on hooks, holders. If desired, you can even install them away from the eyes, for example, on the door of a locker.

How to fasten the wires for convenient storage

If you have a specially designated box for wires, no matter how carefully you try to fold them, they will definitely get tangled up with each other. The following organization methods will help you solve this problem, and your mailbox will always have order and extra space:

Binders (office clips). Easy to fasten, easy to remove. It can be used for bonding wires both in the workplace and in the box.

Those who prefer store-bought options now have clips and holders for compact storage and placement of large cables and wires.

Elastic bands (for hair, for creating children’s bracelets, for money) are very convenient and affordable. You can use them to store cords and chargers.

Special Velcro straps will help to restore order in the tangled wires in the workplace.

Plastic ties. There are disposable and reusable ones on sale. They are useful for collecting wires and cables that are spreading all over the house.

A budget option is to wrap the wires with self-adhesive colored bookmarks, so you can easily find the right one.

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