In each kitchen, over time, a large number of different bags and jars with spices and seasonings accumulate. Usually some of them are regularly used, chaotically moving around the kitchen and getting lost at the right moment. The rest lie for years in remote corners, because they are simply forgotten about. Today we will consider a variety of options for organizing a beautiful, compact and convenient storage of spices in the kitchen.

Before choosing one of the options, you need to decide on the most important question – how will spices be stored in your kitchen: in an open way (that is, on open shelves, rails, stands, etc.) or in a closed way (inside a closed locker, drawer, etc.). each of them has its advantages and disadvantages – we will list the most obvious.

Open storage method

Convenient – everything is visible and always at hand.
Beautiful-you can wonderfully decorate the kitchen, giving it an additional charm and comfort.
Original – you can show imagination and self-expression.

You need to spend a lot of time and effort to keep the seasonings in perfect order, constantly removing dust and fat, otherwise the storage place will look untidy and spoil the whole look of the kitchen.
Most likely, you will not be able to store spices in original packages – you will have to pour them into special jars, which also takes time.

Closed storage method

It takes less time to clean-the spices will not settle as much dirt as when stored open.
You can store seasonings in original packages, which is quite convenient and economical.
The kitchen is guaranteed to look neat, regardless of whether you put things in order on the shelf with spices, or not.
Easy and convenient to use, without constant attention to beauty.


Spices will have to be taken out from somewhere each time, and then removed again – this requires self-discipline, otherwise chaotic storage will return throughout the kitchen.
Whatever method you choose for yourself, do not forget the 3 rules of storage organization:

All packages and containers should be clearly visible, so do not pile packets of condiments in a pile on top of each other, or block one jar with another.
The contents of jars or labels with names should also be very clearly visible. If you see only a lot of identical opaque lids in a spice box, then there is no question of effective storage, because it is very difficult to find anything in such a box.
Try to store all the spices in one place (on one shelf, in one drawer, on one door, etc.) – this saves space in the kitchen, ensures order and makes it easier to search. It is very difficult to find something when spices are scattered on different cabinets and shelves.
From General recommendations, let’s go to the description of specific methods, which we have divided into 2 large groups for convenience – for open and closed storage.

Open storage
To make the seasonings look nice and neat, they need to be stored in identical jars. Storage in original packages and jars of different colors, sizes and shapes does not look attractive and is unlikely to decorate the kitchen: no matter how beautiful a shelf or stand they are, still different packaging will create a sense of untidiness and disorder. The same applies to labels – if you sign jars, all labels need to be done in the same style.

Spice shelves in the kitchen are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and convenient solutions for open storage. If you are in the process of choosing kitchen furniture and want to store condiments on open shelves, then the best option is to order them as part of the set.

The only thing you should pay attention to when ordering is the height at which the small drawers will be located (if they are present in the project). Make sure that your height makes it easy to look at them. Two of my friends have the same funny situation: they both have to stand on a stool for this purpose. Only one friend has drawers that can be pulled out freely, so she doesn’t have any problems using them. But Another friend has them firmly embedded in the base, so she can’t use them normally.

Open shelves are also a great solution for storing spices. They delightfully transform the kitchen, if you successfully match them to the rest of the interior. The use of shelves gives unlimited scope for imagination: you can find a beautiful ready-made version, or you can make them yourself or decorate the purchased product beautifully.

On sale there are interesting shelves-collages that can give the kitchen a unique comfort and charm.

The main secret of convenient storage of spices on the shelves is that they should be quite shallow-just one jar. Otherwise, the condiments will stand in several rows, covering each other. Is it worth saying that the right jar will always be in the farthest corner, and to get it, you will have to “dig up” the entire shelf? And this is long, inconvenient, and instantly creates a mess.

Railings are often used for open storage of condiments in the kitchen. They are comfortable and functional, take up a minimum of space and can be made in a variety of styles and designs. In addition to the usual matte or chrome rails made of white metal, the modern market offers collections in gold, bronze, brass, black and brown, etc.Thanks to a wide variety of styles and shades, beautiful and comfortable rails can be easily selected for any kitchen.

Another popular method is to store condiments on a stand. The large number of available options allows you to easily choose the optimal size, functionality and appearance of the product.

This solution provides another additional advantage – the ability to easily move spices from place to place, which can be very useful from a practical point of view. For example, if you want all the condiments to be at hand during cooking, but you do not like the idea of open storage because of the dust and dirt that settles on them, then storing on a stand will be the best option for you: before you start cooking, just put it at the hob, and then just put it in the closet.

Magnetic spice jars are a very convenient, functional and quite original method of open storage of spices in the kitchen, which makes it possible to place them on any metal surface.

Another original solution may be the location of condiments under the cabinets. Technically, this is done in 3 ways: magnetic rails for metal containers or lids are attached to the lower surface of the hinged Cabinet, a metal sheet for magnetic jars, or ordinary rotary lids for screwing in jars with condiments (for example, from baby food). It is very important to choose beautiful identical jars, so that this original solution does not look cheap and sloppy.

For the organization of open storage of spices, you can adopt a few more unusual ideas:

Storage in a special chest of drawers, which combines the advantages of both open and closed methods.

Storage in test tubes. To prevent the test tubes from falling through the holes in the wooden shelf, they are put on rubber o-rings. And test tubes on the stand can be stored both open and closed-inside the Cabinet.

Indoor storage
The easiest way to organize a neat storage of spices in a small box. Choose a suitable size box or box that will fit comfortably in the locker and where all the spices will go. To maintain order, store spices strictly vertically so that they take up as little space as possible. For a more convenient search, write the names of spices on the lids of the jars. If all the spices do not fit in one box, get 2-3 boxes and distribute the seasonings into categories for easier search (in the same way as we advised in the article about storing medicines). Beautiful and neat boxes with spices can be stored not only inside closed cabinets, but also on open shelves.

It is very convenient to store spices in a drawer of the kitchen table. If the jars stand vertically, write the names of the condiments on the lids for a quick search. If the jars are lying horizontally, use special pads that will not allow them to roll inside the box.

Narrow pull-out shelves in the kitchen set are also great for neat and convenient storage of condiments. Most often, they are placed near the cooking surface to provide quick and convenient access to spices, oil and sauces during cooking.

In some models of kitchen sets, you can order open shelves for seasonings under the hinged Cabinet.

It is very convenient to store spices on the inside of the Cabinet door. This significantly saves space in the kitchen and provides quick and convenient access to condiments. To organize such storage is possible by using narrow shelves as well as a magnetic jars or magnetic strips.

Storage in an organizer with transparent pockets on the door inside the Cabinet is suitable for seasonings in original bags. The disadvantage of this method is that if you put several different condiments in one pocket, they will cover each other, and you will have to spend more time searching.

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