How to organize the space under the sink

Idea 1. Use hooks
Just a couple of small self-adhesive hooks on the doors or walls of the Cabinet will make the space under the sink much more organized. Rags, towels, spare potholders, rubber gloves, household scissors, brushes and brushes-all these little things will finally find their place.

On the hooks you can hang baskets/trays for storing all sorts of small things or cleaning products as well as a bag with bags!

Idea 2. Keep your gloves on a clothespin
The Cabinet door under the sink is an ideal place to store rubber gloves. Just stick a clothespin or office clip on it, and your rubber gloves will always be at hand.

Idea 3. Attach the magazine stand to the Cabinet door
It is difficult to think of a more convenient way to store rolls of foil, baking paper and plastic film.

It is not necessary to use a wooden or metal holder, the usual cardboard one will fit even better!

Idea 4. Use trays and store items by category
It is much more convenient to store the contents of the Cabinet under the sink in trays than without them. They create a sense of order, simplify the cleaning of the closet itself, allow you to put things in categories, and therefore simplify the process of searching for them and returning to their place.

Things that you rarely use, as well as spare supplies like paper towels, can be put in the far corner.
It is very convenient to have a small box with disposable rags cut from old clothes/towels in the household. Something spilled – we take out a rag, wipe it and throw it away.

Idea 5. Install the rod
The rod installed in the Cabinet under the sink is useful for storing all kinds of sprays and sprayers.

You can hang a small basket or tray for sponges, tablets for the dishwasher and other small things on the rod.

Idea 6. Replace a round trash can with a square/rectangular one
When every inch counts, you should avoid using any round containers. Honestly, a Cabinet with square / rectangular trays and a trash can even visually looks more ordered.

Idea 7. Make a plastic bottle bag holder
Of course, you can buy a special organizer for packages, but a regular plastic bottle can work perfectly. Just cut off its neck and bottom and attach it to the Cabinet door.

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