The garage is not only a shelter for storing your car, but also a multifunctional center for storing a variety of things: garden equipment, sports items, tools and other small things. Organizing space in a garage can be a long process, but it will help to restore order in this chaos forever.

Tired of the mess and hours spent searching for a Phillips screwdriver? Take a look at these 30 life hacks that will help you quickly and easily restore order. With a few things from a construction store or recycled materials, you can maximize the space of your space.

Metal grid
The easiest way to organize small tools is to use a metal mesh attached to a wooden base.

Hanging rack
Use a chain and stud with nuts to create a multi-functional hanging rack.

Mobile workshop
With such a mobile workshop, the most necessary tools will always be at hand.

Magnetic holder
Use the magnetic knife holder to place small items such as drills, keys, bits, and other items. And you don’t have to go through the drawer.

The mounting for the basket

With just a few pieces of wood, the boxes will no longer take up valuable space in the garage. This also allows you to get better access to each mailbox.

Trash bag holder
Why didn’t I think of this before? Use paper towel fasteners to conveniently place trash bags.

Central banks
Use tin cans to store small items.

Organization of chairs
Make brackets out of wood to place garden chairs on the wall. And they will no longer get in the way.

Use banks
Banks with a lid attached to the bottom of the shelf will help you conveniently store screws, screws, nuts and other small things.

Rubber cord
A simple rubber cord will help organize sports balls.

Storage of duct tape
Duct tape is the thing that is always difficult to find, it is never in place. If you have the materials and basic skills to work with wood, then you can make this convenient container, which can be used both in the garage and in the workshop.

Organization of oversized materials

Plastic grating is perfect for storing pipes, skirting boards, profiles and other oversized materials.

Shelf under the ceiling
Regardless of the size of the garage, there never seems to be enough space. Use the space under the ceiling and make hanging racks to store things that you rarely use.

Shelf for screwdrivers
It’s always nice to know where the tools are. This project will help you place all the screwdrivers in one place.

Vertical storage
Use plywood panels with drilled holes to store tools. This is very convenient.

Non-standard use of PVC pipes
Use PVC pipes of different diameters to organize tools in your workshop or garage.

Storage of brushes
A convenient option for organizing brushes in the garage.

Wheelbarrow storage
Probably everyone who has a car has faced the problem of storing it. We have a way out. Install two bolts on the wall and you will not have any more problems.

Organize separate storage areas in the garage. Separately for the garden, tools, spare parts, and other things.

Organization of garden tools
Thanks to this design, you can conveniently place garden tools.

Stair storage
With this design, you can easily free up space in the garage and place the ladder under the ceiling.

Hose storage
Hoses and wires are the most ungrateful things in the garage that are difficult to store. Such a construction of PVC pipes will help to cope with this problem.

Wood display rack
Try to make a similar simple and multi-functional rack for any type of tools.

Storage of fishing rods
When the season ends, where do you store your fishing rods? You can buy a special rack or make your own from an iron grating.

Rack – book
From sheets of plywood or perforated plate and canopies, you can make a convenient design with quick access to tools.

Die plate
Use perforated plates for easy placement of tools. This is the easiest and most effective way to organize your workspace.

Folding workbench
Make a folding workbench, which will significantly save space in the garage or workshop.

Magnetic holder
Glue metal washers to the bottom of plastic containers, this will greatly simplify the storage of small items.

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